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Your Kundalini Awakening

Embark on a transformative journey with the Kundalini Mastery Academy (KMA)

For more than a decade, we've guided thousands through the profound challenges and rewards of Kundalini awakenings.

Our expert team combines timeless wisdom with cutting-edge methods, like our innovative QUANTALINI™ Protocol, to create a tailored experience that addresses your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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Access to Expert Knowledge

Unlock a treasure trove of resources on Kundalini awakening. Our free community gives you introductory workshops and educational materials that demystify the process, paving your way to a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey.

Holistic Wellbeing Tools

Explore holistic practices and techniques that enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Our community provides tools and resources designed to help you balance and manage the intense energies of Kundalini awakening.

Connection with Peers

You're not alone on this path. Joining the KMA Free Community connects you with others who are on similar journeys. Share experiences, gain insights, and find encouragement in a vibrant, supportive environment tailored to your spiritual needs.

Step Towards Personalized Support

Starting with our free community is your gateway to personalized, deeper engagement. Experience the quality and scope of our support firsthand, making it easier to decide if you want to explore more intensive services like our KMA PRO Community or one-on-one guidance.

Start your journey into the world of Kundalini with our complimentary offerings.

Dive into free workshops and resources designed to spark curiosity and provide initial guidance. 

Join a community that offers empathy, understanding, and shared experience, setting the perfect foundation for your path ahead


Elevate your spiritual practice with our PRO Community.

This subscription brings you closer to mastery with:

  • Online Training Courses: Immerse yourself in structured lessons that deepen your knowledge of Kundalini and its profound impact. Practical exercises guide you towards tangible awakenings and discoveries.
  • Live Coaching and Weekly Q&A Sessions: Gain direct insights from Kundalini experts—myself included. These sessions cater to your personal evolution, addressing individual queries and challenges.
  • Group Healing Sessions: Experience the collective power of energy healing. These sessions leverage our shared journey for mutual support and individual growth.

For those seeking a deeply personalized experience.

Discover the personalized support of KMA by booking one or more individual healing or coaching sessions a la carte.

For those seeking a truly tailored experience, our 1:1 Level Up provides intimate, one-on-one sessions. These sessions offer dedicated guidance tailored to your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, leading you to significant breakthroughs and transformative experiences.

Navigate Your Path with a Rich Array of Guiding Resources

Interactive Workshops     

Participate in live and on-demand workshops designed to educate members on various aspects of Kundalini awakening and management techniques.

Comprehensive Training Courses

Gain in-depth knowledge through structured online training courses that cover the fundamentals of Kundalini energy, its impact, and strategies for harnessing it effectively.

Live Coaching Sessions      

Benefit from real-time guidance and personalized feedback during live coaching sessions that address individual spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Weekly Q&A Sessions           

Engage with experts and community members in weekly Q&A sessions to clarify doubts, share experiences, and receive direct support.

Group Healing Sessions      

Join group healing sessions that promote collective support and energy healing, providing a nurturing environment to foster emotional and spiritual growth.

Personalized One-on-One Coaching

For those seeking individualized attention, access private coaching sessions with experienced Kundalini practitioners to tailor strategies and interventions to personal experiences and goals.

My Journey and Our Collective Mission

Kundalini found me during my quest to deepen my healing practices, as I sought alternatives beyond the scope of traditional medicine. My exploration led me from the precise techniques of traditional Chinese medicine to the dynamic energies of alternative therapies.

However, it was through a profound heart awakening that my approach to healing was truly transformed. This pivotal experience guided me to the power of quantum healing techniques that nurture both body and soul, unexpectedly unlocking the potent energy of Kundalini.

With over a decade of experience guiding thousands, I developed QUANTALINI™—a method equipped with the necessary tools for anyone to safely embark on this transformative journey.

The Kundalini Mastery Academy was created out of a deep desire to support others like you in navigating the complexities of a Kundalini awakening.

Yvon Dubé, KMA Lead Kundalini Guide

Why Join Us?

Embarking on this journey with KMA empowers you with:

  • A community that listens and shares without judgment
  • Professional coaching and training to fortify emotional resilience and stability
  • Individualized healing sessions for a deeper process of spiritual and emotional integration
  • An abundance of knowledge and expert guidance to fuel your journey of self-discovery
  • A blend of self-guided and personalized supports that resonate with your unique needs
  • Comprehensive well-being practices to nurture your mental, physical, and spiritual health

Step Into Our Circle

Are you ready to step into this transformative journey with support, understanding, and a tribe that speaks your language?

Let's journey together on this beautiful path, enriched by years of dedicated exploration and practice in Kundalini. If this speaks to your spirit, start by joining the KMA Free Community.